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Obesity Awareness Week

10-16 January 2022

It's obesity awareness week. A chance to review our physical activities and diet, so we achieve and sustain a healthy weight. It also regulates our heart, lungs, blood sugar and cholesterol. This means more energy and a better quality of life.

For me, health and fitness is a journey, a process, rather than a goal or end destination. It evolves as we age. And there's bumps along the road, such as exercising at home during Covid. However, as long as our intensions remain the same, we will achieve. This may include your intension to run twice a week and snack on fruit.

Here’s a photo of my dinner this week. I mixed vegetables into my rice. Added broccoli, chicken legs and mint sauce. This balanced my micros, protein and carbs. However, if I became peckish after dinner, I planned having porridge with peanut butter and protein powder mixed in - to prevent further snacking and over eating.  

The NHS Better Health website has useful information and  resources for supporting a healthy lifestyle:


For vegan recipes I recommend the Healthy Habit on YouTube:


How sweet?

Most foods have several different types of sugar. Food such as fruit, vegetables and milk has sugar within its structure. As these contain useful nutrients, you don’t need to cut down on them.

Most people need to cut down on free sugars. These are the sugars that aren’t contained within the structure of the food.

For example: cakes, fizzy drinks (added by the manufacturer), you use while making or preparing your own food. They’re also found in honey, syrup and unsweetened fruit juice.

For more information visit: Action on Sugar


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