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I’ve worked with a huge range of people since achieving my original qualifications in fitness instructing and personal training in 2013. I’ve loved the cultural, sexual orientations and the neurodiversity of my client. I supported each person to adapt their diets and become physically active in their own way.  I’ve completed motivational interviewing training four times and I actively embed an MI approach into my wellbeing coaching work. I can now offer a different type of personal training service where you’re in control and empowered.  

Meet Dave Sully, your personal wellbeing coach

I was a very depressed teenager, who struggled being active. As soon as I started exercising regularly I felt the benefits. I was more positive, and I felt a sense of achievement and the ambition to improve. However, I thought being strong was only about lifting heavy weights. Therefore, I felt disappointed in my very slow progress. I then met an amazing Fitness Instructor in 2008. He told me that exercising isn’t only about working harder, it’s about working smarter. So, he introduced me to interval running on a treadmill and circuit training. This led to exploring various circuit training techniques and I developed a passion for exercising with Kettle Bells. After a tough day, I can feel my stress and anxiety slipping away as I exercise. There’s so much to explore, and I believe in making physical activities accessible to everyone for supporting our physical and mental health.”

I’m excited to discuss and explore your exercising likes, dislikes and goals and then help you to become the best version of you, at every stage of your life.       


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