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Initially I hear,

“I want to lose weight”

“gain muscle”

“tone up”

“look better in clothes”

My reply is WHY? What is your perfect future? How will you get there? Who will support you? Usually questions like these lead to different answers. And then the work begins.

If you’re over 16+ with non or stable medical conditions, please get in touch.

What can you expect from me

You may observe other personal trainers making their clients lift weights or run on treadmills and so on, which has its merits.

Not every session with me will be physically active. We would spend time analysing and adapting your diet while using various behavioural change techniques and processes.

We will explore your current lifestyle and environment.

Use the most appropriate measurement and tracking tools. There are so many options, and I may learn from you.

We will link with and map your physical activities across the week.

And build your physical activities confidence, which may include lifting weights and running on treadmills.  

Home and gym options are on offer.  

Case Study

I supported a retired PE teacher and ex badminton player who had a stroke. They lost their coordination and speech. Through playing badminton with me they regained their coordination. And they appreciated our tea and coffee socials, so they can listen and practise their speaking as well.

Another client said they hear less voices since becoming more physically active. They took an interest in weight training and became a Yate Active Leisure Centre member.

For data protection: Names were anonymized in the case study.


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